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Tuesday, April 10, 2012
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This Home Page is about Clan Donald in Western Australia and how it came about through the dedication and time of a lady called Pamela McDonald.

The Patron for the Clan Donald Society of Western Australia is The Right Honourable Lord Godfrey James Macdonald of Macdonald. For further information regarding our Patron click here.

Highland clan is a set of men all bearing the same surname, and believing themselves to be related, the one to the other, and to be descended from the same stock. In each clan are several subaltern tribes, who own their dependence on their own immediate chief, but all agree in owning allegiance to the supreme chief of the clan or kindred, and look upon it to be their duty to support him in all adventures.

The Patriarchal system of clanship thus made the people regard, with unfailing devotion their chief as the head of their race, and the representative of their common ancestor; while the iron feudal system, which was known among them in the earlier ages of of Highland history, compelled the people to obey their leader as feudal lord of the lands on which they dwelt.



Dates for your Diary

15th April

Commemorating The Battle of Culloden
Matilda Bay, Nedlands
11.00 am on Sunday
15th April
BYO BBQ and drinks

22nd April
All Clans Picnic in Kings Park
starting at approx 11.00 near the Lighthorse monument off Fraser drive.
Please bring something for the table and BYO Drinks.

10th June
 "Pirate Picnic"   (William Kidd tried for Piracy)
Both Big and little kids come dressed as your favourite Pirate.
Prizes for the best dressed and "a treasure hunt "
BYO BBQ & Drinks.
Venue to be advised. (any suggestions please)
A fun family day

Next Meeting Date: 27th May 2012

Birthday Wishes

James Andrew Purdon
3rd May

Cian Jayne McDonald
8th April

Glenda James
14th April

Sandy Millagan
24th April

Wayne McDonald
25th April

Anthony Lewis
27th May

Scottish Radio
Listen into Scottish
Radio through your
computer; send in your
requests to family and
friend back in the
"Alive 107.3

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